Corgi Play Day

August 1, 2009

Our Central New Mexico Corgi Club had its monthly play time this morning.  We had only twelve dogs — 10 Pems and my 2 token Cardigans.  We had members from Santa Fe and Los Alamos bring their youngsters for socializing.  I took photos, but Chase and Inca are in none of them because Chase and Inca were in the herding mood.  They herded a poor beagle until it ran under its owner’s legs and wouldn’t come back out.  Then a Vizsla cross came in.  Chase and Inca started moving it at will around the park and then all the Pems joined in.  They penned it, drove it, headed it, turned it.  The poor dog was dizzy and the Corgis were in rapture.  Some of the Pem owners said they’d never seen “how it was done before.”  They need to come to more play days because the Cardis believe anything that is not a Corgi should be herded — that includes shelties and aussies.

So, the great herding dogs have been sprawled on the tile since we got home.  That is a tired pair!  They managed to wake up for dinner, but are again asleep.  I cannot wait until our herding instructor gets moved back here in the late fall.  These two will think they died and went to heaven.

Tomorrow Chase is going to try the CGC.  I’m wondering if he can keep all four paws on the ground when we are greeted by a friendly stranger.  I also entered him in Rally Novice at the match.  I don’t think he’s quite ready, but that way I’ll know on what things we need work (other than his handler’s occasional brain freezes at a sign or two).


  1. Tony says:

    Sounds like a wow af a time was had by all, except for the beagle & vizsla. Many years ago I had a male g/shepherd x Lab named Chad & a female Kelpie x Border Collie named Sox who for some strange reason didn’t grow much bigger than a Chihuahua. She was incredibly instinctive at herding & Chad all over the yard, into corners, into his kennel, into the shed etc. I think he used to tire of playing the sheep all the time.

  2. Hulo Missus Penni, hay the skairdy Vizsla wozent my frend in Amerika Krazy Dennis The Vizsla by eny chans woz it??? It wood bee funny to see hym being rownded up by yor Corgis ha ha

    • Hay anuva fing I just reeyalyzd, the beegul & vizsla got chased by chase hoo woz chasing them ha ha

    • penni says:

      Dixie, I’m certain the vizsla mix was not our friend Dennis. Dennis is far too clever to allow himself to be chased in circles by a bunch of corgis — even very smart ones like Chase and Inca.

  3. Janet says:

    Good luck with the CGC tomorrow!

    Scout’s handler is a Brittany breeder, and whenever Scout is staying at her house, Scout stays very busy herding the pack of Britts around and whatever dogs Cheryl is showing – generally other sporting dogs. She keeps them rounded up and according to Cheryl, she rules the place with an iron paw. Anytime a new one comes in and doesn’t understand who is in charge, Scout has no problem showing them who is boss.

    • myeye says:

      The cardigans that “know” they are herding dogs are pretty positive they are in charge — of everything. It never dawns on Chase or Inca that the chasee might not be enjoying the game.

  4. Corgis herding herding dogs…………

    Once upon a time, I had my first Pem, Molly, in an obedience class. One night we were doing recall races — all the dogs in sit-stays on one side of the ring, handlers on the other side of the ring.

    Molly was last, every time, because she was behind those other dogs, making sure they did what they were supposed to do.

    Did I mention the other dogs were three border collies and two shelties? Who were oblivious to being herded because they were already focused on doing what they were supposed to do?


  5. Dawn says:

    Good Luck at the match and on the CGC. Heck, I always thought a friendly stranger should like a friendly dog.

  6. helly my eye its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is pretty funny abowt the corgis herding the vizsla cross i myself wood handel sutch a sitchooayshun by running off and hiding in the doghowse of justis but i gess that this vizsla cross duznt hav sutch a resorse at its disposal ha ha ok bye