Look — An Intermittent Obedience Graduate

August 10, 2009

Tonight was the last night of the Intermittent Obedience Class.  For fun, the instructors set up a little Rally course and Chase whizzed through it.  He really likes this Rally stuff.  The dogs received graduation bones and certificates.  Unfortunately, “Intermittent” was misspelled on the certificate.  I’ll take that up with the Obedience Chairman.

Intermittent Obedience Certificate

Good job, Chase-man!


  1. Holly says:

    Good boy Chase. Luther loves this stuff too!

  2. Dawn Small says:

    Huzzah!! Good job, Chase! Too bad about the “mispelling”. 😉

  3. Dawn says:

    Chase may lose that “Baddog” moniker after all. Woohoo Chase!

  4. Kathy says:

    Whaahoo! Good Job Chase! (Nice work getting them to modify the wording on the certificate too!)

    Hugs, from two other Intermittent Obedience Specialists,
    Denali & Sage