On Paper

August 13, 2009

I thought some of you might be interested in the Chase/Phoebe pedigree.  The litter theme is newspaper names, e.g., Daily Planet (“Clark” or “Kent” or “Lois”).  Wait till you see the Welsh Newspaper names that Alden uncovered!  Here’s the pedigree (and I made it clickable):

Chase-Phoebe Puppies Pedigree blog


  1. Janet says:

    Fun theme!

    Atlanta Journal Constitution – “Grizzard”
    Washington Post – “Woodward”, “Bernstein” or “Bradlee”
    New York Times – “Gray Lady”
    Times-Picayune – “NOLA”

    • myeye says:

      I thought Times Picayune would be “Orleans”, but NOLA is really cute, Wall ST Journal “Madoff” or “Bernie”. This should be fun. Rocky Mtn News “Denver” NY Times could also be “Crossword”. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Alden says:

    How about Ponzi?

  3. Janet says:

    OK – 2 more:

    Chicago Tribune – “Siskel”
    Chicago Sun Times – “Ebert”

  4. Alden says:

    OK, this is a real stretch, but, the family that owned USA Today (I think they sold it a few years ago) has a farm in Middleburg, VA. called “Paper Chase.” I can’t remember their last name, but they had a very cute son named Douglas.

  5. Alden says:

    Janet, LOVE the names..Two thumbs up!Oh, that’s a cute name too..