Surprise, Phoebe

August 31, 2009

Phoebe is demonstrating how adaptive our Cardis can be.  She and Inca are now BFF, trotting through the house, lying on the patio munching apples, sprawled on the living room rug.  When Chase and I came home from the office this afternoon, the girls were out in back.  I walked in through the door to the garage.  Phoebe came barreling in through the dog door barking ferociously:  INTRUDER, INTRUDER.  I said, “Silly girl, I live here.”  She was so apologetic — scooted over to push against my legs, wagging furiously.  It was awfully funny.  Phoebe has now made gathering up Chase’s toys and putting them in a dog bed a regular activity. Poor Chase-man looks pretty worried about the disappearance of his bones and stuffies and rope toys.  It’s nice to see him on the lower rung of the pack structure.

Meanwhile on the “where shall we whelp the puppies” front, I’m thinking upstairs isn’t going to work for this low-slung girl.  So, I’m going to set up an area in the living room and will sleep on the couch during those early days.  I can make it work AND I’m saved from the daunting chore of clearing out the closet.  Phoebe will probably be far more comfortable on the ground level right next to the door to the yard.


  1. Tom says:

    We’ve noticed how quiet it’s been around here without the official INTRUDER alert system. When we returned from Portland on Saturday none of the other dogs said anything, nor did they when I returned from town today. And I’m getting a good laugh picturing Phoebles taking all of Chase’s toys 🙂 Give her a hug for me.

  2. Jean from NM says:

    She even got his SQUIRREL?


  3. Dawn says:

    Love that she is taking charge! Silly girl stealing all the toys. Penni, guard your cell, Chase may be looking for toys.

  4. Having had corgis for the best part of 30 years, I didn’t realize that some dogs just don’t Guard the Domain.

    Wibber is probably more like a beagle than anything. And he’s almost 11 and I don’t think that he hears as well as he used to.

    But he just doesn’t raise the alarm when the Evil Mailcarrier arrives, nor when the paper arrives. He even has to be roused, sometimes, when we come home.

    I hadn’t realized how much of the commotion when people come and go was initiated (if not solely caused) by Buzz……………

    Wibbs is VERY attuned to other dogs, and will make a ruckus about canine passers-by.

    Not too useful on the “guard the house” front…………..


    Good girl, Phoebe! Guard the house!

  5. Sandy says:

    Smart move on the move to downstairs. It will save a lot of worry and less chance of her taking a tumble.