Thunk . . . Thunk-Thunk . . . Thunk

August 28, 2009

That sound was really close, but the dogs were just sitting by the French doors completely unconcerned.   Finally, I heard a voice say, “Sheesh!”  Ah hah!  It was my neighbor, owner of the abundant apple tree, picking up the crop on his side of the fence.  The dogs know all the people who live in the adjoining homes so do not bark when they are out in the yard.  Since the fence around the yard is 6′ high, I cannot see whether Melvin has more apples to clean up than do I.  Since I have only one branch overhanging the patio and dumping a bushel a day, I suspect his clean-up is a full time job.  I can’t say anything unpleasant about the fruit because my dogs have enjoyed this year’s crop immensely.

Thunk . . . Thunk-Thunk . . . Thunk


  1. Sandy says:

    Can I smell apple pie yet? Huh? When are ya going to start on the pies? I still like the idea of taking the apples to a horse rescue place for treats. There must be a place nearby?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Well, all those apples should keep the doctor away for like 20 years, right?