Training Is Fun

August 6, 2009

The last photo I posted of Chase with the dumbbell was from early on in his training.  We’ve been practicing for some time now (well, a couple of months since he came back from Canada), and I’m getting a little enthusiasm for some of the more distasteful aspects of learning obedience.  Look — we have ears!  I know they aren’t in their full, upright, and locked position, but — they aren’t pinned against his head.

Happier Dumbbell Boy 8-6-09

Part of the reason he cooperates is that he gets treats when he holds the dumbbell until I say “out”, and part is that he is permitted to lounge in the client chair — since we have no visitors at the office today.
This is My Client Chair 8-6-09
Such a good boy!


  1. Dawn Small says:

    Good work, to both of you! Dumbbells are a challenge. Ian will finally fetch it and hold it pretty reliably, but it took us a long time getting there. Not like the Retrievers I grew up with!

  2. Sandy says:

    Good job Chase….think of it as a cookie-bone. There ya go!