Tuesday’s Trash Day

August 26, 2009

We had a funny spring.  There was a one night freeze and it got all my peach blossoms — so I had no fruit this summer.  However, it was, apparently, a great spring for apples.  My neighbor to the north has an apple tree in his yard.  One branch hangs over my fence.  It provides shade and is a windbreak.  It also provides the dogs with an ample apple supply.

Our trash pickup is on Tuesdays.  Yesterday morning, I took a large trash bag outside and hauled more than 30 pounds of fruit to the front.  That’s about the weekly average for five or six weeks during the later summer.  It doesn’t include the enormous number of apples that Inca eats and that Chase juggles or uses for bowling balls.  So, when I left for work, the apples were cleared out of the back yard.  When I came home last night, this is what I saw — in just one planter.

Apple planter 8-25-09


  1. Jean from NM says:

    Pie anyone?

  2. Garrett says:

    WOW that must be one loaded down apple tree!! (that or chase is digging in the garbage and bringing them back and stockpiling 🙂 )

  3. Sandy says:

    Hey — find your local horse rescue and bring ’em a bunch. They’ll love ya for it!

  4. I had a mature pear tree in my back yard at my first house. Right near the back door.

    The yellowjackets LOVED the fallen pears.

    I had to go out every night after dark and pitch all the pears at the compost heap, so the yellowjackets were in the back corner of the yard rather than right by the door…………

    Spot, our shepherd/husky, loved to shred the pears, and if she could do it inside, that was good by her.

    She knew we didn’t want her to bring them in the house.

    Her mouth was big enough that she could hide a pear in her mouth, which she did, but when she was concealing a pear she would slink rather than walking as usual.

    So we knew she had a pear and could make her leave it outside.

    “How do they know?????”


  5. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness I just had a flashback–I saw a Cardigan jumping up and grabbing low lying branches. Then he eats, rolls and generally engages in debauchery. Oh yeah then the contents of this roll with the apples became one with my living room rug! Thank goodness we have hard wood now. I don’t have to relive the flashback in real time. Good luck with those apples.

  6. I reely luv apools too.