Awwww September 27th

September 27, 2009

The boyz seem to be running laps around the whelping pool and Phoebe is spending more time napping outside the pool. When they want her, they just raise a ruckus. Chase met the puppies today while Phoebe was outside and he gently licked their little heads. He’ll be a wonderful Dad until the little guys show signs of being little “guys”.
Riding Phoebes tail 9-27-09

The puppies have started running laps around the pool.  They aren’t very fast and they aren’t very steady, but they are on the move.

Abel making his way 9-27-09

They’ve started using their paws more to check out one another — very cute.

Hey, Bro 9-27-09

My brother 9-27-09

Phoebe is now perfecting the upside down, “milk bar is closed” position.

Avoiding Maternal Duty 9-27-09

. . . and here’s Inca keeping an eye on the situation from her lounging spot

Inca Lounging 9-27-09


  1. Alden says:

    They’re getting so big! Captain and his crew came up to “the ranch” today. Trenton’s wife, Denise, and I decided that we want to learn agility together. Maybe Watson will have two titles. Better keep running laps, Wats, you’re going to need to be in shape. That applies to me, too.

    There are great pics on Tenton’s blog of today’s visit. It was HOT!

  2. Tony says:

    They’re getting bigger & are so cute

  3. I wish I kood hav wun for my very own puppy. I wood luv it & hug it & call it jorj

  4. Traci says:

    I love the exploration pictures!!! And what a great picture of Inca!!! 🙂 I love that silly red-head! 🙂

  5. Jean from NM (now in CO) says:

    The Dink needs a pillow, don’t you think? :