Chase Has A Leg To Stand On

September 5, 2009

This morning we drove up to Los Alamos and Chase earned the first leg of his Rally Novice (B) Title.  He scored 98 (out of 100 possible) points, and earned Second Place on the tiebreaker — our little short legs were faster than those of the other (big) dog that scored 98.  We did it on grass — always a bugaboo — and the youngster who ran the course before us piddled between the 270 right turn and the about turn.  Much to my delight, Chase elected not to cover her message with his own.  He was such a good boy!  The woman who won Rally Novice A kindly took photos for us.

RN-B Leg 1 - Los Alamos 9-5-09Is it food?  No, and he did not jump up on the judge!  That’s progress.

Thank you Judge - RN Leg 1 9-5-09Do we look happy?  I certainly am!

Whether we had qualified or not, the drive back toward Santa Fe is always a spirit-lifter.  Aren’t these wonderful clouds?

Clouds from Los Alamos 9-5-09


  1. Jeri says:

    Good dog Chase!

  2. Tom says:

    Good Work, both of you!

  3. Janet says:


    In that first picture, it looks like his (good boy) front end is fighting (and winning) against his (bad boy) rear end, which looks like he wants to jump really badly!

    • myeye says:

      We’re trying very hard to find alternate greetings to leaping on people. I didn’t realize he was halfway up until I downloaded the photos.

  4. Taryn says:

    WOW! Congrats on such a great score for you first leg! Chase set the bar awfully high for himself and his next leg!

  5. Carol says:

    Hooray! Good dog, Chase!

  6. Jean from NM says:

    Way to go! Good job, Penni. Good job, Chase!

  7. Kristine says:

    Congrats to both of you! What a great score for your debut!!!!

  8. Sandy says:

    Super job you two — I am very proud of you!

  9. Congrats!!! You look happy, and no wonder!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Love that clouds and mountains pic!

  10. Holly says:

    Good job Team Chase! Congrats!

  11. Dawn Small says:

    Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations, Chase and Penni!

  12. Lani says:

    Congratulations Penni & Chase! What a wonderful first leg!! The beginning of many great Q’s to come!

  13. Kathy says:

    Great job Chase Man! You made your mom really proud…again!