Let’s Go To Los Alamos

September 5, 2009

The Los Alamos Dog Training Club has one trial a year.  They’ve clustered with Sandia Dog Obedience Club over Labor Day.  Los Alamos takes Saturday, and SDOC takes Sunday and Monday.  (Us SDOC members are gluttons for punishment.  We also hold a one day trial as part of the Rio Grande Kennel Club Mothers Day shows, three tracking tests — one at each level, two agility trials —  two days in September (coming up) and two days in March–, and two matches).  If the dog is cooperating, this weekend is a great time to earn a title with minimum travel, and the May trial is part of a three-day cluster, so you can do it again in the spring.

Chase and I have been working hard to be ready for his RN — to us, it’s a part of standard obedience training.  When he gets to the point where he pays attention at least 85% of the time, we can enter Rally Novice.  Since he hit that level a few weeks ago, we entered the three trials.  He’s fun to work with because he has the same “let’s dance!” attitude that Kip exhibits.  They smile while they work, the tails wag and their eyes sparkle.  The world knows (if it’s looking) that the dog and I truly enjoy our time together.

Our ring time is 9:15, so we must leave Albuquerque at 7:00 to get to the site, get to ringside, and walk-through the course.  7:00 AM is going to be a little weary today because one of my neighbors had friends leave his home at 3:30 this morning.  Phoebe yelled, “NOT ALLOWED“, which just scared the crud out of me because I was dead asleep.  The other two dogs didn’t make a sound.  When I wake up that way, I can’t go back to sleep.  So, we’ll do sleep-walk rally this morning.  Hopefully Chase will pull me through.

We’ll take the camera — just in case.


  1. Mandy says:

    so….still enjoying Phoebit’s visit? lol….

    • myeye says:

      Between her “Intruder” bark, and her “Not Allowed” bark, I could be deaf by the time someone comes to take her away. She has one big-ass voice!