Phoebe’s Space — Perhaps

September 12, 2009

Phoebe’s puppies are due in ten days or so.  Today I began creating her space.  First, I moved all the living room furniture and thoroughly vacuumed.  That led to a chick-fight and once again I have a Phoebe hole in my right hand.  Inca has a tear in her left ear and a puncture in her right front leg.  Chase is fine because he just stood there barking at his harem.  Phoebe is unscathed.  What is there about the vacuum, the garbage disposal, the coffee grinder that sets everyone off?

Anyhow, we’re all patched up.  I put down a 4 x 4 piece of carpet, the whelping pool, a water jug/bowl, and surrounded it with an x-pen.  Phoebe went in to check it out.  Who was right behind her?

So now what happens 9-12-09So what happens now?

Where are the puppies 9-12-09

Puppies?  Where are the puppies?  Can I play with them?

Chase this is my space 9-12-09Chase, this is my space — GET OUT!

Tomorrow we’ll get the curtain sewn together and hung.  Hopefully this will give Phoebe the opportunity to get comfortable.  I think poor Chase will feel left out.


  1. That’s a nice little nest you’ve built for Phoebe. Chase will probably be envious all right!

  2. C-Myste says:

    Vacuum attack! Inca to the rescue! Phoebe to the rescue!

    (Sound of colliding bitch heads)


  3. C-Myste says:

    Seriously, I hope that the girls will go back to getting along. And I hope that Inca’s ear gash isn’t a bad one. And that you and Inca don’t get infections.

  4. Dawn Small says:

    Poor Phoebe, she doesn’t look at all impressed to have Chase in her space. Maybe she knows he’s responsible for her current condition. 😉

  5. Tony says:

    They both look so cute in there waiting for the puppies