Preparing for Phoebe’s Babies

September 6, 2009

Puppy Surround 9-6-09

This didn’t come with pink in it — so we need to keep thinking “girls”.  The tummy rubbing mantra continues.  I measured Phoebe’s girth and it is 24.5″.  I needed this plush fabric because we changed the location for the whelping/wading pool (which is bright yellow) from the master closet upstairs to a corner of the living room downstairs.  To make Phoebe feel more enclosed and to prevent drafts, I got a piece of carpet to go under the pool, and an x-pen to surround it.  This fabric will become a curtain that encloses the x-pen to prevent drafts and to make Phoebe’s corner private.  I’ve not opened up the entire 3 yards, but suspect that even upon meticulous inspection I will find no Cardis amongst the cute little dogs.

Next weekend will be devoted to Phoebe’s space.  I’ll get out the sewing machine and away we’ll go.

I bought Myra Savant-Harris’ books (Newborn Puppy Care includes a DVD) and used her list of “necessities”, along with one provided by Cathy Ochs-Cline, and another from my friend Bonnie to create a puppy warming box, and to obtain all the emergency contingency equipment and supplies.  I’m really lucky to have a small health care organization as a client.  They obtained many of the items for me wholesale.  My carpet installing friend contributed the base piece of carpet for under the wading pool as well as a larger piece to go under the whelping box when we move everyone to a bigger space.  I found flying saucer puppy dishes, the x-pens, #8 French feeding tubes on eBay.  Amazon had good prices on a small and a medium heating pad, forceps, surgical scissors.  Everything else is from Revivalanimal and Wal-Mart or Target.

I’m working on a CWCCA Bulletin article about whelping supplies, sources and costs — incorporating all that I’ve learned from my friends and from my own research.  I plan to be REALLY ready for the babies! I also plan for Phoebe to have them in the whelping pool and not under the daybed.


  1. Garrett says:

    I need your lists of ‘things’ that I need for whelping. Having never had a litter I want to be very prepared!

    • myeye says:

      As soon as I have the list together, I’ll make it available. I’ll post when I think I’ve identified everything and found the best prices. In the meantime, get the two whelping and puppy care books written by Myra Savant-Harris. Amazon has them. They are plainly written and not huge tomes. They will become your whelping Bible.

  2. Lybertygirl says:

    You will not regret getting the Myra Savant-Harris books – They are awesome! Good luck with the whelp! When is Phoebe due?

    • myeye says:

      Puppies are due the week of September 21st. We did four breedings over five days, so will determine the due date based in large part on another x-ray a week from tomorrow.

  3. Holly says:

    I love my kiddie pool for a whelping box (which reminds me that I need to go buy a new one) with the expen and curtains. Phoebe should be happy in her own corner of the world. Sounds like you have everything in order. I love Myra’s books, set up my own warming/storage box for supplies, so everything is together. Phoebe will be fine, and I can’t wait to see the pretty babies!

  4. Mandy says:

    Oh I’m getting so excited…crossing fingers for HEALTHY puppies, girls are a bonus of course!

  5. Sandy says:

    Wow—can wait for the pups and the article. I just got my welcome packet from the CWCCA (uh, I joined in February, but better late than never, huh?) and now have a lot of neat things…..decal, brochure, and the Illustrated Standard. Will make waaaaay more sense to me know I am sure.