Proof of Fall

September 15, 2009

Fall in New Mexico brings us the most beautiful golden light.  It’s absolutely my favorite time of the year for taking photos.  Here is the Apache Plume that is planted next to our parking lot.  With the glorious sun on it, the plant glows. Earlier in the year, the plumes were little flat, five-petaled white flowers.

Apache Plume 9-15-09

Apache Plume Close-up 9-15-09


  1. Sandy says:

    OH, pretty! Hopefully the sun will be out this evening so I can do some picture taking too. I will have to remember that plant and maybe get one when we move to NM…whenever.

  2. Tony says:

    What a beautiful plant

  3. That’s very pretty! Is it prickly? It looks like it might be prickly …