Still Preparing for Puppies . . .

September 14, 2009

Last night Phoebe’s girth was 28″.  With the help of Tom at C-Myste, I installed a camera over the whelping pool.  That will let me check in on Phoebe, and soon on Phoebe and children, from my office.  It’s time to put up “Private Property — Trespassers Will Be Crated” signs to keep Chase and Inca out of Phoebe’s area — which is not easy.  They are not dissuaded.  The camera installation took longer than I expected (that’s one of Murphy’s laws), so the whelping pen curtain was not put together yesterday.  I hope to get it cut and sewn tonight.

Phoebe will be x-rayed again tomorrow and we’ll see how many head/spine combinations we can identify.  We’re about a week away from welcoming the Chebes into the world.  Continue the mantra . . .


  1. Lani says:

    It’s so exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful puppies!

  2. Holly says:

    The cam will be your best friend. I was never comfortable leaving a heavy-in-whelp bitch home alone and would stay glued to the house the last week or so. With the webcam, and assorted good friends and family watching, we were able to go out for dinner, I could go to work and the store, without extra worries.

  3. Sandy says:

    Cam is awesome….but everyone, specially you Mac users, be SURE you close the window and/or your browser to really make the cam go away when you aren’t viewing — OR Penni’s ISP will be ticked!

    Easy whelp, girls please…

  4. I am so looking ford to seeing the puppys. I just luv puppys becorz they ar so kyoot & cudlee.