They’re Off

September 24, 2009

The little boyz are up on their feet.  Their eyes are not open, but they are making their way to some unknown place — drunken, staggering — but they are on their way.  There was a brief moment this morning when I saw Chase in Abel and caught my breath.  I’m looking forward to seeing him trot.  They have discovered that if it’s cool, they can burrow between two quilted pads located over the warming pad.  The first time they did it, I thought Phoebe had thrown them overboard.  Speaking of the Phebe, she is healing well and taking great care of her kids.

I think I might be glad there are just two puppies (aside from disappointing puppy buyers, and not getting a girl to keep)  — an easy breaking-in since the last litter in 1978.


  1. Jeri says:

    Oh trust me, in some ways you will be very glad there are only 2. I know how it goes…first you look forward to their birth. Then you look forward to them getting bigger so you can get an idea what they are like. And now I’m in the phase where I hold my breath while they all grow up!

  2. Tony says:

    It must be exciting for you. I remember when Dixie was so tiny watching her discover & learn new things. I still remember the 1st time she barked & scared herself by the noise