Valencia Valley Kennel Club Shows

September 27, 2009

The Valencia Valley Saturday All Breed Show (October 10th) has a CWCCA supported entry. The number of dogs entered is pitiful. It’s barely two points in both dogs and bitches, and there are only two Specials, both dogs. There’s only one veteran entered, nine puppy sweeps entries. Sunday’s class/specials entry (without Sweeps) is the same. That tells me the economy is in the process of gobbling up dog shows. (The SDOC obedience trial over Labor Day weekend was down 20 entries from the norm.) New Mexico suffers the Texas/Oklahoma AKC point schedule, which doesn’t help at all. I guess the folks in New York cannot fathom how huge are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma — and that people don’t just hop in their cars and drive to the east side of Texas or to the northern border of Oklahoma for dog shows. Shoot — we don’t consider going to Las Cruces, NM as a quick trip.

Chase and I are working on other things these days (like sit, stay, and come). We entered to support the supported entry. It looks like it needed more support than we could contribute.


  1. Traci says:

    I was going to enter, but I figured that there wasn’t going to be a big enough entry to get a major, which is all ChanceDog needs… No sense in driving 8+ hours for judges I wasn’t thrilled to show to and not have majors… 🙁
    Sad to see supported entries have low entries, but we have to be picky and choosy these days with our dollars… 🙁
    Hope you guys have a great time!!

    • myeye says:

      I probably won’t be at the show. Chase is going with our friend Fran while I stay home with babies — unless Cardis show first thing, then I may go watch Best of Breed competition, and then come home. If Chase needs to stay, Fran will bring him back. It’s nice having someone to show for you — who lives a mile away.

  2. C-Myste says:

    The entries in Richland were down this year as well. There was a good entry of bitches and of specials, but the puppy sweeps was only 9 and only 4 veterans.

  3. Tavs says:

    So this is why the trip I keep trying to convince Traci to do is never going to come to fruition. Darn the TX/OK points schedule, low entries, and judges you guys don’t like! I keep telling Traci if she enters in an El Paso show and drives the 8 hours east, I will drive the 8 hours west and meet her there for a weekend of fun. I’m craving some dog show fun! It’s not fun to go when you don’t have friends, and when you can’t smuggle your lame 11 year old girl and neutered boy into said friends’ grooming area for a big old Corgi party/reunion.