October, 2009

  1. My Place Has Gone to the Dogs

    October 31, 2009 by myeye

    In order to have puppies right in the middle of the living activity, the puppy pen is set up in the living room (which was not all that big to start with).  Of course the rolling cart with all my whelping/puppy supplies is on the fireplace hearth.  The box with the bedding is next to the pen.  The antique gentleman’s chair that used to sit at a tasteful angle is now up against the book case.  The grooming table is permanently set up next to the chair also against the bookcase.  Beyond the table is a row of dog beds.

    Tonight, there was a soft thump and I walked in to see Chase up on the grooming table where he had a great view of his puppies.  He takes this “Dad” thing quite seriously.  He was using the gentleman’s chair as the intermediate step.  The camera was handy.

    Chase Watching His Babies3 10-31-09

    From behind him, I could see what he was watching.

    Chase View Fron Grooming Table 10-31-09Hello, Holmes.  Aren’t you a cute boy?

  2. Too Cute

    October 31, 2009 by myeye

    After Adrienne completed her official photographer duties, she wanted to play with Holmes and Watson.  I love having puppies exposed to children, and should rent her out.  She and Holmes were just too cute so I became official photographer.  Here they are!

    Adrienne and Holmes 10-31-09Holmes is six weeks old today, Adrienne will be 8 years old next Saturday

  3. Awwww Six Weeks Old – Halloween (Amended)

    October 31, 2009 by myeye

    Our boyz are six weeks old today.  Before we did shots and toenails, the official photographer (Adrienne) took a lot of photos.  Here are a couple of the best cute shots and the only two reasonably okay stacked shots.  Phoebe’s not in them due to lack of interest (on her part)

    Little Family 10-31-09

    Puppies in a basket

    Stacking six week old puppies gives new meaning to “finger food”.  They were easier to stack a few days ago — with or without food.  Watson is absolutely opposed to this exercise, while Holmes knows he’s destined so, begrudgingly, gives us one decent set up out of ten or twelve.  My admiration for Jeri and Heidi grows every time I try to get these boyz on the stacking blocks!

    Watson Stacked Six weeks

    Hind foot is turned out, back is roached because my finger is under his tummy — but he’s a cute boy and does have a nice body!

    Holmes Stacked - six weeks

    This comes a little more naturally to Holmes.  He’s still not square on his hind feet and is a little posted up in front, but it gives you an idea of this puppy’s scope and angles, and his wonderful croup and tail set.

    I think I should move to a place with a huge yard and keep them both!

  4. Awwww October 29th – Liver for Dinner

    October 29, 2009 by myeye

    I try to feed organ meat at least one time a week.  I had fresh beef liver for the big dogs and decided I would cut some up in tiny pieces for meal #3 for the boyz.  This was the first time they’d had meat in this form.

    So what did she give us 10-29-09So what did she give us?

    Do you think the big dogs ate this 10-29-09Do you think the big dogs eat this stuff?

    Cover that stuff up 10-29-09Let’s just cover it up

    . . . but all’s well that ends well.  They polished off the liver and wanted more.

    Puhleese get me out 10-29-09Hey, Mystery Lady, can you bring us some more of that stuff?

  5. Awwww October 28th

    October 28, 2009 by myeye

    No theme here — the boyz just do cute stuff all day long, and sometimes I get a photo in which they appear.  Usually I get just a tail or nothing at all.  Sigh!

    Hes getting away 10-28-09He’s doing it again — he’s going to jump

    Do I have to share 10-28-09I don’t HAVE to share, do I?

    Watson using Holmes for a cushion 10-28-09Holmes makes a good cushion for my nose