a October 10th, 2009

  1. These Make Me Smile

    October 10, 2009 by myeye

    Miscellaneous photos from today:

    Chase - Is it time to leave yet 10-10-09Before we went to the show

    Watson sleeping with Wubbas 10-10-09Watson sleeping with the Wubbas

    Hey Little Brother 10-10-09Hey brother, can you spare me a Wubba?

  2. Dog Show day 1

    October 10, 2009 by myeye

    The scheduled judge has the flu so a replacement was named, but somehow that fell through, and Don Rogers judged Cardis.  So guess who the other male special was — Powell.  Sherri came to the little local show weekend with a couple of Sweeps entries, an open dog, an open bitch, and Powell.  The Open Dog was Winners Dog, Powell was Best of Breed, and Chase just looked handsome. The only problem Wendy had with Chase was that he does a perfect front — absolutely straight, close in.  Afterward I reminded her that she has to say “Stand”.  I swear I had warned her about those straight sits.  So, we’ll go back tomorrow and maybe get a look.

    Since the entry was supported, we each got a goodie bag.  Chase’s bag had a Zanies squeaky tennis ball sheep-looking thing which he squeaked all the way home (an hour and fifteen minutes due to construction).  I’ve rolled it under the couch to give myself a break.  I’ll get it back out in a little while.

    Our puppies were waiting for us — barked and yapped when we came in.  They’ve learned that when they hear a fork clinking against glass (it’s a big measuring cup), they are going to eat so raise a serious ruckus.  They’re awfully cute.  One of the breeders at the show told me he just had a litter of only two boys, one of them a mismark.  I thought it was odd to have two matching litters in the same city.  Don’t you?

  3. Awwww October 10th

    October 10, 2009 by myeye

    Early photos today because our Chase must go to a dog show

    The babies are becoming more and more interested in what is outside the whelping pen.  Holmes is plotting a jailbreak, but I expect to move them to the box with an attached potty station next weekend — hope we can keep them corralled until then.  Phoebe has really relaxed with me and the other two dogs.  She still starts barking the moment she steps out the door.  Once upon a time I had a cocker spaniel like that — it made me crazy!  Inca sometimes does that barking for no reason — and she has a really annoying bark.  However, debarking costs over $300 per dog, so I guess they’ll have to learn that “stop” means STOP NOW, without surgical intervention.

    My camera has a “Stop Red-eye” setting and that’s what I used for these photos.  This setting makes the flash do a series of tiny flashes to accustom the eyes and then does the real flash — so maybe no more Halloween eyes for Phoebe!

    Family Gathering 10-10-09

    Breakfast 10-10-09

    Inca - my turn to lick the bowl 10-10-09Isn’t it my turn to lick the bowl?