Awwww October 13th

October 13, 2009

A new box with 14″ sides is coming the end of this week.  It also has a separated potty area so the boyz can learn there are places to do a puppy’s business and places a puppy shouldn’t.  Do you think the box will arrive in time?

Come Get Me Now 10-13-09Come get me NOW!

Impending Jail Break 10-13-09Impending jail break

I love bad puppies — I sure hope Alden does as well.  Watson is ready to go find trouble wherever it may be.


  1. Dawn Small says:

    I don’t know, Penni; I think you might be rounding them up a lot until the new box gets there. Bad puppies are the best, though! 😉

  2. Alden says:

    Guess what? I’ve been a BADPUPPY all my life! This is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. 😉

  3. Sandy says:

    I’d go for the 24 inch sides! They may have grappling hooks hidden somewhere!

  4. jean from NM says:

    Are they leash-trained?


    • myeye says:

      As soon as they can take more than five steps without falling over, we’ll do a little leash training. For now, they are just “wild thangs”.

  5. “Want … out … NOW!!!”

  6. Dawn says:

    Is Holmes a talker? He looks like a talker. I love naughty puppies. I love naughty dogs, they are so much fun! Well most of the time they are so much fun, at least until I want to jail them. Grace,Siren, you hearing me! Jail time!

  7. Kathy says:

    Hmmm…based on my observation of Fig as a young puppy, Watson should fit right in!