Awwww October 21st

October 21, 2009

I turned them loose in the living room:  Chase, Inca, Watson and Holmes.  It was bedlam.  First the puppies ganged up on dad, which he loved.

Ganging up on Dad 10-21-09

Then they found the row of dog beds.  I think they want one in their room.

Can we have a dog bed 10-21-09

Holmes looked over the living room and decided he liked it.

Holmes scopes it out

But back in their apartment, he found something else.

Holmes - There is something here 10-21-09Quick, Watson, the needle!

. . . and where is Inca?  Up on a chair where they can’t reach her.  She’s no dummy.  Where’s Phoebe?  In a crate because she couldn’t stand everyone having that much fun.


  1. Kathy says:

    Puppies on the loose…love it! Chase will be thrilled now that they’re a bit more mobile and available for play!

    I remember Carolyn telling me that Kenai’s dad, the venerable “No No,” played with her a lot as a puppy. When we’d had Kenai for a few months she saw her father again when Carolyn and Mandy were in our area for a show. I’ve never seen two dogs literally quiver with excitement like that. They knew one another from the scent even before the van door had opened. It was really cool to see the reunion. They clearly had a strong bond.

    Looks like Chase exhibits a similar fondness for his offspring! Sweet!

  2. Traci says:

    They’re too sweet – playing with Dad…. 🙂 I think they’ll figure out a way to get a dog bed into their apartment if you don’t do it for them, Penni! 😉

  3. C-Myste says:

    They are really cute boys. Take after dad, for sure.

    Did I mention that Phoebe is the “fun police”?