Awwww October 28th

October 28, 2009

No theme here — the boyz just do cute stuff all day long, and sometimes I get a photo in which they appear.  Usually I get just a tail or nothing at all.  Sigh!

Hes getting away 10-28-09He’s doing it again — he’s going to jump

Do I have to share 10-28-09I don’t HAVE to share, do I?

Watson using Holmes for a cushion 10-28-09Holmes makes a good cushion for my nose


  1. Dawn Small says:

    Love the second picture. He’s already learned how to give the hairy eyeball. 😉

  2. C-Myste says:

    I agree: the trachea pic is great. Holmes looks so chocolately brindle in that picture. I wonder if he’s going to turn out Alice-colored?

  3. Ron says:

    So, am I right in thinking that Watson seems to be the sweetie and Holmes seems destined to be a baddog?

    • myeye says:

      That is absolutely true. When Watson sees a human, he starts wagging and begging to be picked up and cuddled. He licks chins and wiggles up against your chest. When Holmes sees a human, he starts wagging and begging to be picked up. He immediately wants to be turned loose in the living room to bite the big dogs, pull pillows off of furniture, and drag books from the bookcase. No question that Holmes is Chase’s son in spades!

  4. Alden says:

    Thank goodness that Watson’s a GOODDOG, because I already have a BADDOG, who’s about to lose two very important anatomical “friends” if his attitude does not improve. 😉