Awwww October 6th

October 6, 2009

The boyz will expound further on their food mystery later.  For the moment, they wish to expose themselves to blogland.

puppy tummies 10-6-09Puppy Tummies – ‘nuf said

A Little Playtime 10-6-09A Little Playtime

More face play 10-6-09Face Play

Although the boyz try to run at each other and play standing, their balance has not yet developed (not to mention their big fat tummies pulling them down).  However, they are content to lie on the pool pads and chew on each other’s faces while they wait for the mysterious woman to bring them more food.  The amount of food they consume at each meal is increasing a little bit daily — and they are gaining a couple of ounces a day now.  That’s a far cry from the first week!

When I come into the nursery and talk with them, they stagger toward my voice.  Holmes is already trying to climb the sides of the pool.  Yesterday he almost leaped out of the warming box while I was changing their linens.  He seems to be exhibiting his Daddy’s athleticism.  I love bad puppies and he has all the ingredients.

Phoebe is fine.  I think she’s grateful for the assist with food so she might return sooner to her former svelte figure.


  1. Dawn Small says:

    LOL! I love when they totally flop on their backs like that. I want to reach right through the screen and rub their little tummies.

  2. Holly says:

    Sooooo CUTE!

  3. Traci says:

    too totally cute! I love the pictures!! 🙂 And of course Phoebe wants her figure back… she IS supermodel material, ya know! 😉 *hugs* to my 2nd favorite orange faced pupster ever!!! 🙂 (her daughter here being #1 of course) 🙂 *scritches* to the baby boys!

  4. Dawn says:

    OMG they just keep getting cuter, and I didn’t think that was possible at all. Penni, they are just adorable, and I dont know how you are going to be able to let them go.

  5. Alden says:

    Good morning, boyz! You get cuter by the second. I’m having fun in Las Vegas, but had to talk your “Auntie Sasha” (my sis) out of buying a Louis Vuitton puppy collar for Watson. Sorry, Watson, it’s nylon or nothing in my house. 😉

  6. Kathy says:

    Louis Vuitton….somehow Watson just doesn’t seem like the kind of a fellow who was particularly concerned about “labels!” 🙂

    Now, if you can find a slightly tattered tweed jacket…that might be more his style. But wait, he’s already got a nice “tweedish” coat, doesn’t he! Looks like he’ll be dressed for success to take on his first case when he arrives.

  7. Sandy says:

    Awwww….are you the full time mom now? So very cute and smart!

  8. Kim says:

    Ah yes bad puppies! They are the greatest. I have been informed that all 6 of the girls are bad puppies.