Awwww Sunday October 4th

October 4, 2009

They are too cute for words (though I’ll still write some words).  If you get tired of all the puppy pics, go to the blog of some poor soul that has no puppies to share!

Puppy Tummy-infocus 10-4-09Abel has the cutest tummy

Give us this day 10-4-09That’s the best bite — right there

Sleeping off the meal 10-4-09Sleeping off the meal

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get anything (other than puppy watching) accomplished around here.  They are steadier on their feet and more vocal.  Last night, I called Alden and told her to watch the puppycam as I was preparing to put down the crystal divided relish tray (only dish in the house that’s not too big).  Together she and I watched the puppies walk through their food, push each other out of the way, and then collapse with their tennis ball tummies.  Puppies are so much work, but they more than make up for it with the pleasure they bestow on us mere humans.


  1. Gladys Taber described puppy feet as looking like raspberries. So true.

    The first time I visited Molly’s litter (in 1981), I held one of her sisters, asleep belly up in my two hands. Wow. Her tongue was translucent………

  2. C-Myste says:

    Puppies fed the finest food from fine crystal bowls . . .

    You’re spoiling them 😉

    • myeye says:

      I’d be happy to be feeding them from a fine stainless steel flying saucer pan (of which I have two), but for the little bit of food they get at each meal, everything but the relish dish is way too large, or the sides are too high. So, I’m dishing up their meals with a silver spoon as well! We’ll see what effect environment has on puppies.

  3. Look at the little pink pads!!!

  4. Kate says:

    There is a PUPPYCAM?? Why have I not heard of this???

  5. Sandy says:

    Lucky YOU! What a difficult job you have, you puppy watcher you!