Oooooh — Smart Babies

October 19, 2009

We’ll have photos later today, but I wanted to brag on Holmes and Watson.  This weekend, they realized that not only is pooping in the shavings a good thing, so is puppy piddling.  It makes clean-up so easy, reduces odor to almost zero, and I don’t have puppies that smell like pee from lying on the padding that was also their bathroom.  The other thing they’ve done that’s made me ever so happy is that they stood on the puppy stacking blocks the very first time they were ever stacked.  We’re working on muscle memory, so are now stacking a couple of times a day, but the photos from Saturday represent their very first stacking adventure.

Adrienne, who helped me with the photos, had been sick and it has been diagnosed as H1N1 — poor little kid.  She is recovering well — has just a cough left to prove she went through it.  Yesterday, my neighbor came over to help cuddle puppies.  She’s going to make sure we have weekly stacked photos.  That will be a huge help!


  1. Holly says:

    Good thoughts to Adrienne. Scary stuff that H1N1. What good pups. I love litter training the babies and they take right to it.

  2. Alden says:

    I’m SO jealous! I want to be cuddling puppies, too. Good boys for figuring out where to piddle.

    Only four more weeks, Penni. I can’t wait!!

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch this weekend…we had a HUGE 80th BD bash for my mother…it began on Friday afternoon, and lasted until Sunday evening. I’m wiped out, but it hasn’t kept me from enjoying (and showing off) all the pictures.