This Is Our President — WOW!

October 9, 2009

This morning the Nobel Prize Committee announced that Barak Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  The award gives credence to his efforts to harmonize our country with the rest of the world and to assure health and safety for everyone.  He’s not perfect, but he presents a goal we can each adopt in our own way.  I’m proud to be an American living during this Presidency.


  1. Julie says:


    I was shocked when I heard this on the news this morning. WOW! What an amazing thing.

  2. I did not know this. This makes me cry. MY president.

    How excellent. After so many years of feeling embarassed at what was going on in my name, to finally be able to be glad…………..

    • C-Myste says:

      I agree. It was great news to wake up to.

      While some may think it was premature, who else could the award have gone too? So many today seem to be working against peace either in the world or here at home.

      It may complicate his decisions regarding Afghanistan.

  3. Traci says:

    a friend of mine from college had this on his Facebook status this morning: “now Yassir Arafat & Obama have something else in common.”

    Seeing as how I am brand new to politics and all that jazz, I am amazed to hear the news that the President *I* voted for was awarded this high honor… but what does my friend mean by his statement?

    I guess I need to either turn on the tv or read the news… I’ve been nose deep in Facebook and homework this morning… 🙁

  4. Personally, I think this was quite premature. After all, the nobel peace prize should be about more than just modivational speeches. While we’re anticipating action, and progress, it’s just not there yet IMO.

    I’m an Obama supporter, and proud to be, but I just feel that this esteemed award has not yet been earned and would have been better left for a later time, once progress has actually been made. Anyone can stand up and speak from pre-written speeches, but the nobel peace prize is about action. IMO, action hasn’t yet been taken to earn such an esteemed award. There’s IMO others in the world who’ve earned this honor, that shouldn’t have been passed over by Obama.

    JMHO of course *G* Again, I’m an Obama supporter, but was still very shocked, and honestly appalled when this announcement was made. I feel as though it was a very unearned (at this time) award, and would be much better off having been held off until actual peace-work has been accomplished.

  5. Traci- in ’94 Arafat was awarded the nobel peace prize, and he is Muslim. That’s all I know about, so may be missing ‘more’ similarities between the two men ;0P

    The comment was simply a snarky commentary as I’m sure Obama has things in common with many, many more Nobel Peace Prize winners.

    • C-Myste says:

      Not to mention that he isn’t a muslim.

      So Traci’s friend is maybe a “birther”?

      • I should have clarified that I know Obama isn’t muslim, but the ‘peanut gallery’ of anti-Obamanites still tout it off loud and proud that “Obama is muslim, and anti-American”, and whatever the else heck BS they like to spew.

        I don’t have a problem with Muslims at all, but I know how offended I’d be if someone claimed I was a religion I’m not, after I’ve clearly stated otherwise ;0P

  6. Kaye says:

    It almost seems too politicized, to keep him to his worldwide promises of diplomacy vs. war. But it is interesting how much of a negative impact Bush had on the world, and this is just an extreme antithesis of that.

  7. I figured that some on the right would find in this another reason to despise Obama, and they didn’t disappoint. I don’t understand the mentality that believes international scorn is something to be carried as a badge of honor.

  8. Kim says:

    To this I say Amen! It is a proud day to be an American! I too am glad to be living to see this day.

    And at the end of the day…no one is perfect but we can all strive to do and be the best we can be!