a November 14th, 2009

  1. More Holmes

    November 14, 2009 by myeye

    Today was microchip day for the boyz.  My Golden Retriever friend Jani keeps chips on hand and implants them for local breeders/dog owners.  She confirmed that both boyz had all necessary equipment (well, I guess it’s not so necessary for Watson).  She fell in love with Holmes, so stacked and evaluated him.  I’m a big fan of having someone, who is really knowledgeable in another breed, evaluate my Cardis.  They don’t know from spit about mismarks, but they know good structure.  Since she had Holmes on the table, I took some more photos — have a look.

    Holmes - Jani - show side 11-14-09

    Holmes Jani2 show side 11-14-09

    Holmes rear 8 weeks 11-14-09

    Holmes front2 8 weeks 11-14-09

  2. 8 Week Stacked Photos

    November 14, 2009 by myeye

    The boyz are eight weeks old today.  As luck would have it, their official photographer Adrienne is here to help memorialize this important milestone.  It’s taking fewer tries to get photos in which they have all four feet on the stacking blocks and are reaching for the tiny piece of deli ham.  So, without further ado:


    Holmes show side 8 weeks 11-14-09Still an issue with keeping his back feet straight, but, I like!

    Holmes show side2 8 weeks 11-14-09A shot in which his head shows

    Holmes off-side 8 weeks 11-14-09Such a cutie!

    Holmes front 8 weeks 11-14-09It’s either Holmes or Yoda


    Watson show side 8 weeks 11-14-09You know in a week I’ll never have to do this again

    Watson off side 8 weeks 11-14-09Actually, it’s less than a week

    Watson front 8 weeks 11-14-09I look like Yoda, too

  3. Make-up Awwww for November 13th

    November 14, 2009 by myeye

    Last night Adrienne and I went to the Lady Lobo Basketball season opener, and another of her front teeth came out (did you know the tooth fairy now leaves a DOLLAR!).  So I didn’t get any photos posted.  I’m trying to make up for it here.  We’ll have some stacked photos later today.  We really aren’t discriminating against Phoebe — she’d rather be boiled in oil than participate in one of these group events.

    This is the last photo op for Adrienne with Watson, so he’s the star of most of these shots (he and the gaping hole in Adrienne’s mouth).

    Adrienne Watson Inca close-up 11-14-09Inca beat out Chase for a Dose of Loving

    Adrienne Watson Chase Inca 11-14-09So, We Specialize in Bedlam

    Adrienne - Watson 11-14-09Cute Granddaughter, Cute Puppy

    Adrienne - Holmes 11-14-09Whew!  There’s one with Holmes