a November 15th, 2009

  1. Let’s Look At Things From This Angle

    November 15, 2009 by myeye

    Holmes angle draw 11-15-09

    To figure out the angles at which one bone joins another, you must put your hands on the dog.   The dog must be standing with his legs directly under the point where his shoulder blade ends (i.e., make sure he’s not posted up).  Holmes has few markings on his show side (which might actually make this easier). First, I print out a photo on plain paper. This particular photo is one taken by Adrienne yesterday morning. Then I find the point of Holmes’ elbow. His is behind and below the tip of the white “Christmas tree” marking on his show-side front leg. I make a dot on the photo to indicate the tip of his elbow. Then, with my fingers, I follow the humerus bone up toward his prosternum. He has a little tab of brindle that reaches into his white front, and the point where his upper arm (humerus) and shoulder bone (scapula) meet is behind that tiny tab of color (for that joint I put a dot on the photo). Then I move my fingers up the scapula and find that it ends just behind the little collar that comes around from his off-side and, (unfortunately) ends just beyond the middle of his spine. Final dot goes at the top of the scapula.

    I bring the photo back upstairs to the computer, call up the document (photo) and tell my program I want to draw a line. I start the line at the elbow dot, then drag it to the joint of the upper arm and shoulder blade. I end it there. Then I start a new line at the top of the shoulder blade and drag it to the joint that is located behind the prosternum. My program permits me to then lengthen the lines, color them, and change their position so I might best match up my dots. I convert the photo (with lines) to .pdf and then save it as a .jpg to insert into a blog post.

    Doing this is so much better than running the vacuum.

  2. Tearing Down the House

    November 15, 2009 by myeye

    I had plans to make some changes in the puppy pen, but wanted to wait until Thursday night so that when Alden arrived on Friday, the pen, shavings, and puppies were spanking clean.  Instead, they will probably need a spanking by Thursday night — and that’s all because I re-configured the pen this morning.  I now remember why people send puppies home at eight weeks — they are just so baaad.

    I took down the puppy curtain.  When they were newborns, it gave Phoebe privacy and prevented drafts.  Now, the boyz want to pull it through the x-pen mesh and destroy it.  I removed the Pet Warmer.  The two were determined to eat the cord and fling the warmer around their quarters.  I replaced the shower curtain liner that is doubled under the shavings.  I initiated a problem by catching the plastic with the corner of the little pooper scooper.  That tiny little three corner tear was the start of something grand.  The boyz were working very hard at pulling up the plastic.

    Rear window in the pen 11-15-09

    So, they are all clean, they have a window and I will probably open the vertical blinds during the day so they can learn to bark at cats and birds — not to mention have daylight for several hours.  I’m going to Dremel nails again today — shorter nails prevent snags in the new shower curtain liner.

    Same cute puppies

    So — we have the same cute puppies, but they have grander vistas.  I’ll try to keep them from tearing down the house before Alden arrives.  This is the aerial view of the puppy prison

    Puppy Prison -- arial view