a November 17th, 2009

  1. It’s All About Watson

    November 17, 2009 by myeye

    Alden will be here Friday morning, and, although I’m sure we’ll get lots more photos of Watson, this was his day to explore the office, meet “Jean from NM”, to get his hall pass from Dr. George, to have his very first dog cookie.  Those events are important in the life of an 8-1/2 week old puppy.  So, here they are.

    Practicing in the Sherpa Bag 11-17-09First Sherpa Bag trip — getting ready for the big flight

    Good Heart w Dr George 11-17-09Dr. George says “good heart” and signs Watson’s Hall Pass

    Exploring the office with Inca 11-17-09Exploring the Office Under Inca’s Watchful Eyes

    Back end exploration 11-17-09How it looked from behind

    Agility Practice 11-17-09Let’s Start Agility — my tunnel

    More puppy fix 11-17-09“Jean from NM” getting her puppy fix

    The office bed and toy barrel 11-17-09We need this in our cell in the puppy prison

  2. Awwww November 16th

    November 17, 2009 by myeye

    The boyz were pretty tired this evening because their day focused on destruction.  When I’m at the office, I check the puppycam at least once an hour.  There isn’t anywhere the puppies can go, but I feel better if I can see the little brindle bodies.  This afternoon I tuned in and discovered they were shredding the shower curtain liner that was under their shavings.  Wicked puppies — having a delightful time and making a dreadful mess.  So, I left the office and stopped at Lowes Home improvement Store.  I bought a double door mat.  The top is a short napped carpet, but the bottom is rubber.  Once again, I removed all their shavings, pulled out the little pieces of vinyl, moved the outside edges of the potty area.  With its rubber side up, I laid the door mat on the carpet remnant that is under the boyz’ prison.  I replaced the sides of the potty area, and put all the shavings back in place.

    While I was repairing the damage, the boyz were outside the box, but inside the x-pen.  Outside the x-pen, Chase was racing back and forth and the puppies ran parallel to him barking their heads off.  He exchanged toys, throwing them in the air and catching them, waving them around, dragging them along the edge of the pen.  The puppy barks got louder and louder, Inca and Phoebe barked, and Chase played with his children.  I finally broke up the party by snatching the youngsters up and returning them to their cell.  I seemed to be the only living being pleased that the party was over.

    Holmes Asleep on the ball 11-16-09Too tired to play anymore

    Watson Gathered toys 11-16-09Watson gathered up almost all the toys before he crashed