a November 24th, 2009

  1. Chase Gives Holmes Another Life Lesson

    November 24, 2009 by myeye

    There was a women’s basketball game tonight, but I never made it out of the house.  I try to give Holmes his half hour with his dad every day (it makes him sleep through the night).  Once they started playing, I just couldn’t leave.  Agree?

    And more of their antics in still shots

    Chase Wrestles w Holmes 11-24-09Holmes is down, but not out

    Holmes has a lip grip 11-24-09Holmes applies the lip grip to Chase

    Holmes is Not Out of It Yet 11-24-09It isn’t over till the fat lady yells “cut it out!”

    Holmes on top 11-24-09Holmes turns it around and is on top

    Holmes Toy 11-24-09Now it’s Holmes’ toy — for the moment

  2. Office Help Is Hard to Get

    November 24, 2009 by myeye

    Holmes is at the office — so much like having his dad here when Chase was a puppy.  We are expecting “Jean from NM” for a visit — needs her puppy fix.  In the meantime, Holmes’ job is to keep me from working.

    Daddys boy 11-24-09A toy — any toy — no matter how battered

    wired 11-24-09This puppy is wired!

    Ring tail cardi 11-24-09The rare ring-tailed Cardi

    We’ve made many trips out to the grass, but Holmes thinks grass is for romping.  I have a piddle pad in the office which he’s used once (good boy), but he’s really not catching on to the plan.  I could put a few shavings on the piddle pad, but I want him to transfer his urges to the great out of doors.  It will come . . .

  3. Blogger Xchange

    November 24, 2009 by myeye

    I put a little box in the mail this morning.  It’s heading north.  The box is a little misshapen ’cause I had to squish it, but the surprises should be just fine.  So, happy holidays * * * * * * * *

    Package to Lani 11-24-09

    Well, looky there — PhotoShop blocked out the recipient’s name and address (mostly).

  4. . . . And Then There Was One

    November 24, 2009 by myeye

    Holmes is a little lonely — even though he and his Dad had a grand frap this evening.  Holmes came to the office with me today, and has already christened the carpet and warned off those strangers walking near my front door.    This was not intended as his first office day, but he escaped from the puppy prison this morning.  This evening, to avoid damage to his family jewels, I took out the pen’s side door, and bought him a little stool on which he can climb to get back in.  At the office, he had no problem with the lead when we went outside, but he does have a problem with the grass:  it smells great, a puppy can roll in it, carry leaves, but a real bathroom has shavings.  Tomorrow I’ll bring Chase along and perhaps Holmes will mimic his Dad.

    Holmes - play with me 11-23-09

    All Alone 11-23-09