. . . And Then There Was One

November 24, 2009

Holmes is a little lonely — even though he and his Dad had a grand frap this evening.  Holmes came to the office with me today, and has already christened the carpet and warned off those strangers walking near my front door.    This was not intended as his first office day, but he escaped from the puppy prison this morning.  This evening, to avoid damage to his family jewels, I took out the pen’s side door, and bought him a little stool on which he can climb to get back in.  At the office, he had no problem with the lead when we went outside, but he does have a problem with the grass:  it smells great, a puppy can roll in it, carry leaves, but a real bathroom has shavings.  Tomorrow I’ll bring Chase along and perhaps Holmes will mimic his Dad.

Holmes - play with me 11-23-09

All Alone 11-23-09


  1. Shep says:

    Oh… man, so pathetic and sad. Aww. Even though I know it’s likely an act, that top picture makes me want to open the pen door to freedom and snuggle the heck out of him.

    He’s got the ‘please’ face down, that’s for sure!

  2. Taryn says:

    He’s definitely giving you the sad eyes! Poor baby, of course he’s missing his brother.

  3. Dawn Small says:

    Wow, he’s laying on the guilt trip in that top photo. He needs a hug!

  4. Alden says:

    Hey Holmes,

    It’s me, Watson! I miss you so much, but just wait until you see what fun you’re going to have a little later on in life. It’s an awesome world out there. I was lonely without you, but then I met Fig and Duncan. Fig is great, so is Dunc, but he sleeps a lot.

    Isn’t grass great? I roll and frap with Fig, and get really wet from the stuff. Leaves are THE best things to chase, and big, comfy down comforters, and pillows are the best places to sleep.

    I have my own little bowl. It’s not crystal, but I like it anyway. Heck, it holds food, so I LOVE it.

    I sleep with my Wubba because it still smells like you. Sometimes, when it’s very late at night, I pretend I’m back in our box, and I’m sleeping on your head. I must whine when I do this, because my new mom wakes up and cuddles me. She knows that sometimes I still miss you.

    Give Penni and Inca a big “lick” from me, give dad a tiny bite on his tail, and tell Phoebe, “Sshh,” from me.

    Much love,


  5. Sandy says:

    Don’t worry little buddy, it’ll get better.