Awwww November 10th

November 11, 2009

For those of you who couldn’t bring up the puppycam, this is what they looked like — for at least part of the day.

Hey Alden -- come get me 11-10-09Hey Alden, come save me!

Is there food down there 11-10-09Dad, is there food down there?

Say What - you want something 11-10-09You talkin’ to me?

I could fly out to play 11-10-09I could fly out to play

Hi Dad -- Wanna Play 11-10-09Hey Dad, you wanna play with us?


  1. Tony says:

    Such cute faces, especially the tongue out shot of Watson, or is it Holmes, I’m confused, the white face one. You know who I mean….

  2. Dawn Small says:

    I love little Holmes’ face. Too, too cute.

  3. Alden says:

    I’ll be there soon, Watson, although you don’t look like you need much saving. I’d say you’ve got a pretty darn good thing going on at Penni’s. I might just stay with YOU!