Awwww November 20th

November 20, 2009

Chase has tried all evening to get the boyz to chase him and play tug with him.   Once Chase moved out of the picture, the puppies took control.

The boyz eye the tug toy 11-20-09Dare ya’

Tug toy mania 11-20-09Pull harder, no you pull harder

puppy fight 11-20-09You cheated!  I did not!


  1. Sandy says:

    Darling little guys…you will be sooo glad you took all these pics and blogged about them. They’re precious!

  2. Kathy says:

    They are adorable. It sure will be quiet with just one puppy there…but wait, you’ve got Chase. That means you’ll still have two puppies Penni…no worries!