Chase Gives Holmes Another Life Lesson

November 24, 2009

There was a women’s basketball game tonight, but I never made it out of the house.  I try to give Holmes his half hour with his dad every day (it makes him sleep through the night).  Once they started playing, I just couldn’t leave.  Agree?

And more of their antics in still shots

Chase Wrestles w Holmes 11-24-09Holmes is down, but not out

Holmes has a lip grip 11-24-09Holmes applies the lip grip to Chase

Holmes is Not Out of It Yet 11-24-09It isn’t over till the fat lady yells “cut it out!”

Holmes on top 11-24-09Holmes turns it around and is on top

Holmes Toy 11-24-09Now it’s Holmes’ toy — for the moment


  1. Janet says:

    I love it when they play tug together. Spencer loves to tug more than anything, but Scout cheats. When Spence won’t let go after the first tug, she goes straight for his nose. He lets her rule the roost, so that pretty much ends the game. So when she’s not around, I am his tug partner.

  2. Kim says:

    Priceless! Way better than a b-ball game.

  3. Alden says:

    Phew…I don’t feel so badly for taking Watson. Chase and Holmes are having WAY too much fun together. Poor Mr. Squirrel looks worse than he did on Sunday. Did Chase or Holmes manage to get the last squeaker out?

  4. Dawn says:

    Penni, I don’t know how you manage to get anything at all done. I would be watching those 2 constantly. What fun!

  5. Holly says:

    What a great pair they make! And so much fun!!

  6. Carol says:

    Chuckled through the whole video! That Holmes thinks he’s pretty tough stuff, huh!