More Holmes

November 14, 2009

Today was microchip day for the boyz.  My Golden Retriever friend Jani keeps chips on hand and implants them for local breeders/dog owners.  She confirmed that both boyz had all necessary equipment (well, I guess it’s not so necessary for Watson).  She fell in love with Holmes, so stacked and evaluated him.  I’m a big fan of having someone, who is really knowledgeable in another breed, evaluate my Cardis.  They don’t know from spit about mismarks, but they know good structure.  Since she had Holmes on the table, I took some more photos — have a look.

Holmes - Jani - show side 11-14-09

Holmes Jani2 show side 11-14-09

Holmes rear 8 weeks 11-14-09

Holmes front2 8 weeks 11-14-09


  1. Jeri says:

    I love the one black nail in the front…Nash has one too. 🙂

    So is he staying for a bit? He’s an impressive looking puppy. I’m guessing, without hands on that his shoulders aren’t his strong point (like my litter), but he has lovely bone and substance, nice rear, nice short fat hocks (love the bone though to the toes), and overall good silhouette. Maybe a touch wide in front but love the itty bitty short pasterns.

  2. myeye says:

    I can’t imagine Holmes will stay forever. Chase is a butt-head with other intact males. However, Holmes certainly can stay for several months while we see how he grows. He actually has a nice shoulder when you get your hands on him. Comparing him to Chase as a puppy, he is wider in front — though all dogs are wider than Chase was (both front legs seemed to come out of a single hole). I love Holmes’ croup and tail set (thanks, Phoebe), he has bigger ears than does his dad (also thanks, Phoebe). It’s a shame we couldn’t have spread the frosting around a bit because Holmes is a little plain on his show side. He has his dad’s showy carriage though and sweet, silly temperament. So far, I’ve been very impressed with his movement — us ex-German Shepherd Dog people love our movement — he has a free, open stride and holds his topline (like his Dad does).

    I wish we’d had a few more to look at so we’d know if Holmes is an anomaly or an example. We’ll repeat immediately, hoping for a girl that looks like Holmes — that would make decisions simpler.

  3. C-Myste says:

    His shoulders are better than Watson’s (g). I love his really short pasterns, round bone, and his presence on the table.

    Pilot and Huxley do NOT like each other. I tried to walk them together today for the first time in a while (with just me) and it was NOT a good idea. No permanent injuries, though I think I sprained my right hand a little.

  4. Taryn says:

    I don’t have the knowledge to judge his conformation, but he sure does have a pretty face!