Office Help Is Hard to Get

November 24, 2009

Holmes is at the office — so much like having his dad here when Chase was a puppy.  We are expecting “Jean from NM” for a visit — needs her puppy fix.  In the meantime, Holmes’ job is to keep me from working.

Daddys boy 11-24-09A toy — any toy — no matter how battered

wired 11-24-09This puppy is wired!

Ring tail cardi 11-24-09The rare ring-tailed Cardi

We’ve made many trips out to the grass, but Holmes thinks grass is for romping.  I have a piddle pad in the office which he’s used once (good boy), but he’s really not catching on to the plan.  I could put a few shavings on the piddle pad, but I want him to transfer his urges to the great out of doors.  It will come . . .

1 Comment

  1. Sandy says:

    Bring peed-on shavings from home and put them where you want him to pee on the grass….works.