Videos in Which Holmes & Watson Discover Stuff

November 8, 2009

Again today the weather is nice so the boyz got to go outside.  They are bold adventurers now and went to the far corners of the front yard.  They found “stuff” — leaves and twigs, the big dogs in the other part of the yard.  Perhaps next weekend they might explore the back yard.  There is a pond and fountain there, so a bit more care is required.

When the puppies came back into the house, I gave them the giant bone that had been in a CorgiAid auction basket.  The bone is still a big as one of the boyz, but they are delighted with it — treating it as if it were their major kill for the day.


  1. They are so cute — and I love the little noises they make!

  2. Alden says:

    I’m going to have to learn how to shoot an elephant just to keep Watson in bones. 😉