Water, Water Everywhere

November 30, 2009

Sandy thought someone should give me a ShopVac so I didn’t need to use all the towels.  I have a ShopVac which was half full of dust and leaves from yesterday’s project.  The purpose of the towels was to stop the progression of the river toward the dining room.  I really need a traditional wife to take care of the house, pick up the dry cleaning, a little cooking would be good . . .  scheduling workers . . .

I finally made it to work at 2:00.  When I got home from work, I scooped up three soaking towels to wash (they were waiting for me on the driveway).  I opened the washer door and — water poured out all over my feet and pants legs.  Apparently the hose split had somehow filled the washer — and the worker folks (including butt-crack pants brother) were sliding a washer full of water around while doing their chores.  The dehumidifier and fans are so loud that the dogs and I can’t hear one another (or they’re using that for an excuse to do whatever they want).  The disaster clean-up guys found old mold, so the adjuster and I must have a conversation tomorrow.  Sections of drywall were cut out, so there will be a contractor involved.  . . . my poor dogs!  The worst part?  When this is all done, it won’t look like anything was done — not like Kim’s new floors, or Joanna’s rebuilt house, or Kate’s addition.  Sad, isn’t it?

water sucking monsters to dining


  1. mandy says:

    Finding old mold is bad. Pull your policy now and look for exclusions.

    • Kathy Gibson says:

      Mold exclusions are pretty common on homeowners polcies, frequently sent out as one of those mail out add on addendums that you have no chance to decline. Might be less common in a dry desert climate though. I have not seen any polciy where the exclusion could be added back in with a paid endorsement.

  2. Alden says:

    I think you need to come to Napa while your house is fixed. I probably have mold, but my floors are dry (but not clean), and think of the reunion the boyz and Chase would have.

    I’ll send Inca some waders for her delicate little paws.

  3. Holly says:

    Oh no Penni! What a mess! Hope the repairs go smoothly for you.

  4. I know just what you mean about spending the big bucks just to stay in place………… Our roof…………

    Ah the joys of homeownership………………

  5. Sorry about the big mess! Don’t tell the cardis, but Trouble has that exact same water bowl in her loft …