a December 16th, 2009

  1. Holmes Trotting His Way to Christmas (Video)

    December 16, 2009 by myeye

    We tried again for some video of the puppy gaiting.  The shorter video was taken with Brock (my videographer) standing still.  For the longer video, he walked with us.  There are some segments that will give an idea of how the puppy moves.  For a twelve-1/2 week old baby, he tries so hard to please.  . . . love this little puppy.

    First, the look that brings cookies, hugs — whatever he wants.

    Do you have food  12-16-09

    . . . and then the movement

    And a longer clip with Brock parallel to us.

  2. Awwww December 15th

    December 16, 2009 by myeye

    Seems that there aren’t as many awwww moments as when da boyz were little babies, but Homeboy Holmes does keep me laughing — and stopping him from having any fun at all.

    Holmes mess 12-15-09His dog bed is upside down, there are shavings everywhere, he’s pawing unmercifuly at the x-pen — it’s just another part of Holmes’ attention-getting day

    Voted Toy of the yearThis has been voted toy of the year.  $5 at Lowes and designed to keep the cold night air from creeping under the doors — or it’s a relatively inexpensive 3-foot long dog toy.

    Killing the Draft Snake 12-15-09I can kill it!  I’ll save us all!

    Missing white collar 12-15-09The little bit of white icing on Holmes’ neck is gone.  Plainly marked puppy — sigh!  We plan to keep him around for a while nonetheless.