a December 18th, 2009

  1. Awwww December 18th — and the Tunnel

    December 18, 2009 by myeye

    Holmes is just a cute baby.  He’s the office puppy this morning (all alone, without his Dad), and he’s loving it.  He dragged the piddle pad out from the hall, barked at a passer-by (how dare they?), had some treats for standing when asked.  All in all, he’s having a swell morning — and, therefore, so am I.

    Big Puppy Cushion 12-18-09BIG Puppy cushion

    Office Puppy 12-18-09Did you need some help?

    You look a little bored, puppy.  Do you want to see the tunnel?  I keep a children’s play tunnel at the office.  It squishes down and fastens into a small circle, fits in a box, hides in a closet.  Holmes will be three months old tomorrow, so it’s time he learned about the tunnel.  This will stand him in good stead later in life.

    So what is this long thing 12-18-09So, what is this long thing?

    Can you eat it 12-18-09Can I chew on it?

    I can walk inside 12-18-09I can walk into it.

    Coming through 12-18-09Look out!  I’m coming through!