a December 23rd, 2009

  1. Hmmm . . . It’s About Our Meteorologist

    December 23, 2009 by myeye

    In the earlier post I said the sun was out and in a couple of hours, the snow would be mud; that we wouldn’t have a white Christmas.  I based that prediction, at least in part, on the weather forecast.  I’ve told you about our weather guy before — not bad to look at, but hasn’t a clue about our weather. So, here’s what’s happened.  I went downtown to interview some witnesses.  When I came out of the police station, it started to snow.  Two hours later, it’s still snowing.  I made poor Chase sit in the snow while I took photos.  Long suffering dog!

    Let it snow 12-23-09

    Someone will come rescue me 12-23-09

    Can we go inside now 12-23-09

    The sun could still come out, turn everything to mud, it will freeze tonight, and tomorrow will be treacherous without the beauty of the snow.  We’re not going to think that way — we’re dreaming of a white Christmas.

  2. First Snow for Holmes December 23rd

    December 23, 2009 by myeye

    It snowed last night — not like it did in D.C. or in upstate NY, but we had a couple inches of snow.  In Albuquerque, even that little bit counts.  The kids are bummed out because they have already been released for Christmas break — so, no snow day.  Holmes found the stuff fascinating.  His dad (who has seen snow only a couple of times in his life), was there to show the puppy the ropes.

    So Dad What Do We Do 12-23-09So, Dad, what do we do with this stuff?

    Is It Edible 12-23-09Should I eat it?

    The stuff is everywhere 12-23-09It looks like it’s everywhere

    Chase Loves SnowThis is great stuff, son.  Let’s frap!

    . . . and so they began moving too quickly for me to catch with the little digital Olympus.  The sun is out, the snow will be mud by this afternoon.  No more is predicted, so, as usual, we will not have a white Christmas in the valley.  The ski areas — that’s a different situation!