a December 24th, 2009

  1. You Know You’ve Gone to the Dogs When . . .

    December 24, 2009 by myeye

    At 9:15 on Christmas Eve morning you are at the Vet’s — not for an emergency, but because you must redo your dog’s CERF test to keep his CHIC number current.  Since I closed the office today (and tomorrow), and because my Veterinary Opthalmologist had an available appointment, I decided to take Chase in.  We did his permanent OFA Hips/Elbows x-ray a couple of weeks ago so I thought finishing all his health tests was one thing I could actually complete this year.  Chase’s eyes are fine.  Dr. Kennard gave him extra handsome points as well (last year he gave him cute points).

    I also picked up liver for the dogs’ Christmas Eve dinner, got some freshly made tortilla chips to dip in Kim’s special salsa tonight, bought some Flying Star gift cards for stocking stuffers — and it’s only 11:00 AM.  I still must wrap (bag) gifts for the girls — we only do stockings for adults.  Finding stocking stuffers for the male part of the family is nigh impossible, so I went to World Market and bought the assorted winter brew packages.  The box does not fit in a stocking, but no one seems to care at all.

    It’s always a feast, my artist DIL’s house will be beautifully decorated, and we really enjoy our time together.  As children, we celebrated Christmas Eve with presents because Christmas Day was for church.  So, for me, regardless of the passing of the years, Christmas Eve is for kids.  I still have a spot of “kid” in my heart — even with the snow on the roof.

    The Baddogs and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  We are planning on 2010 being less economically painful than was 2009, and look forward to seeing you at some shows as well as on our computer screen.