a December 26th, 2009

  1. Why Would Santa Kill the Laptop?

    December 26, 2009 by myeye

    Last night the dogs and I were sprawled in front of the TV.  I was using my laptop wirelessly.  It turned off.  I pushed the power button, it glowed blue, then the computer turned off again.  I thought perhaps I had missed the low battery message, so I took the machine upstairs and plugged it in.  Before we went to bed, I tried again to turn it on.  Again, the blue power light glowed and then powered off.  So, I left it plugged in.  I tried it this morning.  The blue power light came on, the fan (with which I’ve had lots of problems) came on, but I had nothing on the screen.  So, I am physically at the office with Adrienne be cause I cannot remote in without my laptop.  I’m trying to decide whether it is more economical to get a new laptop or to try to have this one repaired.

    A new one:  This one is at least five years old, has only a Gig of RAM, the DVD/CD reader/burner is not reading some of the newer DVD’s (a problem because all our legal discovery comes on disk these days, so I take the computer to the jail so I can review materials with clients).  The  current laptop is pretty heavy for taking on planes and carrying around the courthouses and jails.  I use an external hard drive for saving photos and most large documents.  This one has the old version of Office.

    Fix this one:  It’s only five years old, a Gig of RAM is plenty for most applications, I could review the DVDs at the office and print out what I need to show the client.  I’d have the documents, photos, and email particularly email) that I’ve saved to the hard drive, Office converts for the old version.

    BUT if some really vital part is truly dead —

    Guess I’ll go to the Dell site and get a ballpark price to replace this one, then talk to Ralph who can fix almost anything (I believe . . .)

    Why did Santa kill my laptop — that was certainly not in the Christmas spirit.