a December 27th, 2009

  1. Holmes at 14 weeks (and crew)

    December 27, 2009 by myeye

    I’ve completed installation of all my programs on the new laptop — that is a colossal pain.  For now, the computer operates on VISTA so some of the programs won’t run, but some run a little better.  The Windows 7 upgrade is ordered.  I lost all my email addresses from the lobo.net address (which is home/the laptop).  There is probably a way to sync my phone to the new computer — with the phone overriding — so I can get my contacts back.  I have a new cordless mouse and keyboard — they even came with digital speakers — WalMart — I checked out all the office supply places then went to WalMart which was $15 less expensive than anywhere else.  The printer came from WalMart as well.  It’s just a little multi-function model.  I do most of the heavy photo/design lifting at the office with the bigger printer.

    Tom spent lots of time on the phone with me today and the wireless router is back up and running.  Some of its settings had inexplicably changed.  They are all back to normal for the time being.  Thank you, Tom — and thanks for sparing him, Carolyn.

    So, on to more pleasant things.  Adrienne was here yesterday.  Santa gave her a new RED purse that is her pride.  The dogs crowded the garage door to greet her.

    Adrienne coming in the garage 12-26-09

    Adrienne - new purse 12-26-09

    Once she’d had a chance to settle in, and the dogs were settled down, she helped me photograph Holmes.  It’s difficult to believe he is 14 weeks old.  The time has gone so quickly.  He’s in a “rumpy” stage, but I still really like this little guy.

    Holmes - hands on chin 14 weeks - 12-26-09

    He knows how to sulk (like his aunt Molly).  Look at that rotten little kid!

    Sulking in the dogbed 12-26-09

  2. Continuing the Saga of the New Laptop

    December 27, 2009 by myeye

    I have 14-week photos of Holmes to post, but

    I must install my photo programs (as well as Office, Word Perfect, etc.); when I install, I must update.

    Before I update, I must add a security program.  The license key to the security program is on the office computer — so another trip to the office.  I might even upload the photos from there (just a small sigh).

    A slightly larger sigh:  my cordless keyboard, mouse, and my printer don’t work with the new operating system.  So, today I go spend a little more money — relative to the cost of the computer — for a cordless keyboard/mouse combo and a new little multi-function printer.  This laptop has VISTA, but comes with an upgrade to Windows 7 (I so love XP Pro).  I discovered the printer incompatibility when I attempted to scan the laptop receipt to submit as part of the upgrade request.  I even have the installation disk for the printer, but it was no go.

    Very Large Sigh: the wireless router isn’t working with my DSL modem to get me to the internet, so I’m corded for the moment, typing on a small (though generous for a laptop) keyboard.  Up until Tom and Carolyn’s visit last year, I was always corded (though I had the cordless mouse and keyboard).  Then Tom hooked up the wireless router and I was free.  We could all sit in the living room or at the dining room table and blog, check on the office, answer email.  I was overwhelmed by the convenience of it all.  We sure get spoiled don’t we?

    So Tom is thinking of what issue the wireless router might be having, I’ve read all the Sunday ads for Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot and Best Buy, looking for the printer and mouse/keyboard combo.  I wonder if Ralph (my office tech guy) wants to try to fix the laptop to donate to the Boys and Girls Club . . .