Bless This Mess

December 1, 2009

The blower/dehumidifier machines were on all night.  (I’ve now recognized that I am a person that craves silence in her life.)  These things are loud!  However, since Holmes-puppy’s prison is in my living room, I realized that I am de-sensitizing him for indoor arena-type shows.  Up until the saga of the split hose, the only place I could think of to de-sensitize a dog was the car wash.  It is loud and the sounds come from indefinable directions.  However, for this puppy, I have my own, surround-sound location.  He could care less.  When I let him out to play with his Dad, he streaks among the cords and machines.  It’s all good fun for the baby.  Although Phoebe thinks the entire event is distasteful, Chase is not at all bothered — I’m sure that influences his son.  So, looking on the bright side, we’re getting some training in amidst the chaos.

The disaster clean-up guys are supposed to come today to take moisture readings.  They had estimated two or three days of the blowing machines.  I’m hoping for the miracle of one day.  The contractor called me yesterday (on my home phone so I didn’t receive the message until last night).  I’ll call and schedule him to come prepare an estimate this afternoon or tomorrow.  I must figure out what to do with the dogs while the contractor is here — crate two upstairs and take Chase and the puppy to the office?  Bedlam at home, bedlam at work . . .  I’m sure this is building character.

A quick request:  Kip’s new Dad was rushed back to the hospital this past weekend.  The heart valve repair is leaking.  Please keep Jim and Sarah and Jill in your thoughts.  What a tough few months they have had!


  1. Holly says:

    Keeping Kip’s family in our prayers.

  2. Garrett says:

    Oh gosh Penni! I’m so sorry for Kip’s family as well as your flooding issue.

    Flooding in the desert. Crazy.

    Get some rest. At least one of us should! 🙂

    Oh and I NEED a fan AND an aquarium to be able to sleep…and I can still hear the pups yipping. 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    Kip’s new Dad is in our prayers, and his family, all of them.

    On the desensitization angle, get this. Every morning before work I have to “charge” my taser before I start my shift (can you say “cop”?). That means I take it from the “exo-skeleton” (yes, they really call it that) and remove the cartridge that holds the hooks and the wires that carry the current into the bad guy’s body. Then I point the taser away from everything with a hearbeat and fire. The 5 second ride doesn’t hurt anyone, I know everything is working OK and the electrical manner of the weapon is boosted, or something.

    As this is all happening, the new rescued Greyhound stands behind me and doesn’t flinch an inch. I don’t know what that gets him ready for…but he’s ready for it!