Hero Worship

December 22, 2009

Chase and Holmes came to work with me today.  The dynamic between the baby and his dad is so much fun to watch.  Holmes mimics Chase.  If Chase runs to the window to see who is in the parking lot, Holmes stands right beside him.  Should the person be worth a bark, then Holmes barks as well — not looking at the parking lot intruder — just looking at his dad.  Chase flops against my chair and turns upside down to nap, then Holmes finds a spot against the chair, turns upside down for a nap.

Late this afternoon we went to our dog food store.  Chase raced in and sat at the counter (where treats are handed out), but there was no person there.  So Chase barked for service, Holmes added his puppy bark for emphasis. When Kathy came to the front, Chase jumped up on his back legs, next thing I knew Holmes was trying to stand on two legs.  Kathy has a new treat in stock.  I have no idea what it is, but when Chase and Holmes were shopping, that’s what they picked out.  I got four of the single pack treat — one for each dog.  As we got in the car, the puppy snatched one of the treats out of the bag.  I opened it and handed it to him, then opened one for Chase.  I’ve never seen them attack a treat the way they went after these.  I guess we’ll have to prepare a testimonial.

Kathy and Ruth both commented that Holmes is a Chase clone — just trotting around doing whatever Dad does.  They are such a funny pair.  I expect Santa will be very good to them.

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  1. Dawn Small says:

    Isn’t it fun watching the older ones “train” the younger ones? I find it so much easier to train little ones when there’s a well-trained adult there for the pupsters to emulate. Of course, they also learn some not-so-good things as well, but it’s neat to see the dynamics.