Holmes Trotting His Way to Christmas (Video)

December 16, 2009

We tried again for some video of the puppy gaiting.  The shorter video was taken with Brock (my videographer) standing still.  For the longer video, he walked with us.  There are some segments that will give an idea of how the puppy moves.  For a twelve-1/2 week old baby, he tries so hard to please.  . . . love this little puppy.

First, the look that brings cookies, hugs — whatever he wants.

Do you have food  12-16-09

. . . and then the movement

And a longer clip with Brock parallel to us.


  1. Dawn says:

    That little tail just never stops wagging. What a cutie he is. Have I told you I want to steal him?

    • myeye says:

      When he and Chase start butting heads, you may be able to steal him. This puppy takes no trash even from his parents. Sigh!

  2. C-Myste says:

    I can’t believe how well he walks on leash for his age.

    A little bit of “puppy topline” but other than that quite nice.