January, 2010

  1. Holmes At the Salon

    January 30, 2010 by myeye

    When I checked email this morning I had an intriguing voicemail notice.  I returned the call — from 9:00 last night.  It appears I will be diving into a very messy, and very high profile, criminal case.  That’s what I do, you know — for a living.  So I called the woman who has been cutting my hair since 1981 and wormed into her Saturday schedule.  I figured if I was going to be bombarded by the media I ought to at least have my hair neatly trimmed.  Holmes’ Puppy Foundations Class was scheduled right after the haircut, so I brought him along.  He gamboled through Camille’s space, checked out boxes, met Ted (Camille’s husband) who broke down into baby talk when he saw the puppy.

    Holmes had plenty to look at and someone to play with, but when the first lock of my hair fell to the floor, he barked, raced over and pounced on it.  He grabbed it in his mouth and ran around the room with it.  I think it was his first kill.  I love a dog who given lemons will make lemonade — every time.  Go Holmes baby!

  2. Ending January On A High Note

    January 29, 2010 by myeye

    The saga of the permanent OFA films:  On December 14th Chase’s hips and elbows were x-rayed for permanent OFA review.  By mid-January, I’d heard nothing and so I called OFA.  It appears the vet I used for radiographs (who does a gazillion OFA films) failed to put Chase’s microchip number on his films.  The films did not arrive in Missouri until December 22nd.  Because the ID was missing, OFA returned the films to my vet.  The films were back at OFA on January 8th and then shipped out to the panel radiologists.  Finally, my envelope arrived in today’s mail.

    OFA Permanent Good 1-29-10

    Since Chase’s preliminary x-rays were GOOD I was hoping there would be no drastic change in condition.  There wasn’t.  Yippee, Chase!

  3. Six Words

    January 28, 2010 by myeye

    I’m accepting Patricia McConnell’s challenge to describe my dogs in six words.  It really required a lot of thought to capture the essence so succinctly.  But, here it goes . . .

    Inca – Bossy, sweet, sheep adorer, bed cuddler

    Chase – exuberant, brash, bold, loyal, laughing, athletic

    Holmes – wagging, smiling, along for the ride

    Kip – Always where he needs to be

    Phoebe (even though she’s borrowed) – brassy, gravel voiced, clown, couch potato

  4. Sharing the Windowseat – January 28th

    January 28, 2010 by myeye

    It’s raining and snowing and sleeting.  Inside my office it’s cozy.  Holmes is a lucky boy because Daddy Chase is permitting him to share the window seat to look out on passers by.  A pair of cute boys.

    Sharing the Window Seat 1-28-2010

  5. Forgiven – January 26th

    January 27, 2010 by myeye

    Monday evening when I arrived home from work, in my headlights I saw something near the garage door.

    Daffodil 1-26-2010

    The note said that we’ve had a great neighbor relationship for the past two years.  The relationship is important to us.  Thank you for taking care of the dogs barking.

    In some ways it made me feel even worse than I did when I realized the dogs were barking their fool heads off.  I love these neighbors though and am so glad I could take some steps to reduce the annoying barking.  Inca is scheduled to be debarked on February 8th, and after she has puppies, Phoebe will be going home to Carolyn and Tom’s country spread.  The boys aren’t barkers (well, except for right now as Chase tells Phoebe she “is too wanting to be bred”).  So, the old homestead should be far more pleasant within the next few months.

    The flood repair lingers on.  The mold remediation is done, the samples passed inspection.  The drywaller will start working tomorrow morning.  I’m faxing estimates for the new cabinets to the adjuster, and I purchased the paint for the accent walls (a soft peachy color called “Patty Cake”).  I want my kitchen back (and my dog door).

    In other news:  Kip’s “dad” Jim was sent to the Cleveland Clinic by air ambulance yesterday.

    My elder son has been hired as assistant volleyball coach at the Air Force Academy.  His best friend is the new head coach.  So, Marc and Debi leave tomorrow to look at homes in the Colorado Springs area.  I’ll miss them so much.  On the other hand, one of my favorite judges will be doing the Herding Group at the Colorado Springs shows the first weekend in June.  I wonder how soon Marc and Debi can get moved?