a January 2nd, 2010

  1. Vacuuming up Phoebe

    January 2, 2010 by myeye

    In keeping with yesterday’s post, I set a doable number of  tasks for myself for today (in addition to visiting Sam’s Club — not as cool as Trader Joe’s, but sometimes more practical).  I am going to do toenails, change the lightbulb on the back porch, hang the jell-o mold up above the refrigerator, and I am going to vacuum up Phoebe.  Phebes should be in season any day — this I know because Chase tells me so.  Apparently, she cannot come into season if she has any hair on her body.  She is now close to nekked.  The hair had to go somewhere.  So, I’ve started vacuuming upstairs.  I only have two bedrooms and two baths upstairs, but have emptied the filter canister twice so far.

    The stairs are a b***h!  My vacuum is pretty wide, the better to cut a decent swath through the hairfield, so the head does not fit comfortably on the stairs.  I end up balancing the vacuum to suck up as much hair as I’m able, and then going back over each stair with a smaller, but not as mighty, vacuum.  The stairs are also the preferred lounging spot for the red empress.  Inca sprawls on the step that gives her the best views.  She can look over the stair rail into the living room, up to the bedrooms, or down to the front door.  So, when I get to her spot, I add an awesome amount of Inca red hair to the Phoebe black hair. I don’t expect Chase and Holmes to begin shedding until I have completely vacuumed the entire house.

    Surely, this is one of my more illuminating posts — forgive me, I just needed the break!