a January 10th, 2010

  1. Puppy Conformation Class – Holmes at 16 weeks

    January 10, 2010 by myeye

    Holmes went to his first conformation drill class at noon today. 20-some puppies were there — egads! The poor drill instructor was pretty well snowed under.  Holmes was a good boy.  He likes to trot on lead and doesn’t mind standing.  He’s okay with his mouth.   Hopefully he will get to the point at which he is happy to be there and keeps his ears up even on the table.  One of the other people in the class and I took photos for each other.  He’s very novice so probably didn’t release the shutter at the most opportune time, but these are okay.  So, here is Holmes at sixteen weeks old.  I still like this little man — a  lot!  He has his Mom’s freckles (croup and tail set, too), his Aunt Molly’s markings, his Uncle Pilot’s tail length, and moves like his Dad — who also probably contributed his silliness (but not butt-curls).

    Holmes - ears down 1-10-2010

    Holmes - facing 1-10-2010

  2. Bling for the Baby

    January 10, 2010 by myeye

    My older son and his wife frequently give me a gift that allows me to “express” my creativity.  This year’s Christmas gift will be a kangaroo lead for little Holmes (I’ll bet his dad uses it as well).  Amanda at Muddy Feet Aussies makes custom kangaroo leads.  Since I’m the one with the access to natural turquoise, I’ve put together the brown matrix turquoise rondelles, silver puff beads, and pewter tube beads.  I’m sending her the beads Monday and she’ll put them on a black/whiskey kangaroo lead.

    Here are the bead clusters as I’ve laid them out.  Amanda may come up with something more attractive.

    Main ClusterMain Cluster

    accent clusterAccent Cluster