a January 13th, 2010

  1. Let the Destruction Begin

    January 13, 2010 by myeye

    Finally, the insurance company, mold remediation guy, construction folks, and I have made it to the same page.  The containment, sealing off the kitchen, laundry room, and half bath will begin on Monday.  Over the weekend, I’ll move the refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker to the living room and dining room, along with dog bowls and supplements.  I’ll probably get paper plates, cups, and plastic tableware for me so I must wash only dog bowls in the upstairs bathtub for ten days.  Does this sound like loads of fun yet?  My ultimate (visible) reward will be new paint in all three of those rooms and a new dog door.  I think I’ll splurge on paint for an accent wall in a couple of the rooms — so it looks like something good happened.  If I didn’t show dogs, I could probably afford to replace all the cabinets and counter tops instead of making do with an accent wall.  Choices, right?

  2. Where Insanity is Normal

    January 13, 2010 by myeye

    Phoebe is in season and Chase is ever so aware.  Even little Holmes knows his mother smells special.  The two boys follow behind her wherever she goes.  So far, Phebes has shown admirable restraint with the two buffoons.  Notice in this photo that Chase just happens to be on the chair (looking away) while Phebes perches on the back.  The humans involved with this relationship are thinking “GIRLS”!!!

    Waiting for Phoebe to say yes 1-12-2010

    Chase and Holmes are still the best playmates.  Tonight I stopped at PetSmart and found loofa toys on sale.  One had to come home.  So the boys wrestled over the bright blue toy for most of the night.  Here Holmes demands its prompt return.

    Give it back dad 1-12-2010

    It’s long.  They could each work on an end, but that is not satisfactory.  They both need the same end.

    Sharing the new loofa toy 1-12-2010